Tactical sci-fi combat in the palm of your hand.

REDLINE: Sci-Fi 3-D Tactics on Mobile




REDLINE is a 3-D tactical PvP strategy game that puts players in command of their own mercenary unit of advanced and fully customizable EFREETS, giant agile military machines with an array of devastating weaponry . Designed from the ground up for streamlined play on mobile devices, REDLINE is a fast and fun competitive combat game that still retains all the complexity and strategy of traditional tabletop games.


  • Detailed 3-D environments with complete freedom of movement!
  • Streamlined gameplay. Swipe to move. Tap to shoot. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
  • Collectible card based equipment, pilots, upgrades, and efreets to fully customize your units for battle!
  • Intricate battle system where pilot and gunnery skill affects movement and combat. Efreets take damage by location. Weapons misfire, or become destroyed. Elctromagnetic static (EMS) buildup hampers efreet capabilities.  Use the terrain to hide and block line of sight. Utilize sensors to find your opponent in the fog of war.
  • Unique Efreet designs by Stephen Huda, a designer who’s worked on Battletech Technical Readouts!

REDLINE aims to put all this and more, in the palm of your hand to create a tactical gaming experience unlike anything ever seen before on mobile devices.