REDLINE Press Release

REDLINE: sci-fi tactical combat in the palm of your hand


“If you want something done right you have to do it yourself””

That’s just what two Arizona brothers did when they created, REDLINE, an upcoming video game for ios and android phones as well as PC.

REDLINE is a turn based tactics game in which players compete across 3-D maps while fielding squads of 3 efreets each, the game’s version of giant piloted robots that are popular in movies and video games. The game goes the extra mile to create complex and interesting gameplay that can still be easily played and understood in quick mobile matches through simple swipe and taps.

  • Move freely in all directions

  • Efreets take damage by location.

  • Weapons vary from multiple types of lasers, rockets and cannons and have different ranges and can even be destroyed in combat.

  • 3-D terrain provides cover and blocks line of sight.

  • Forces of 3 on 3 PvP battles.


On top of that REDLINE features a deep unit customization system that lets players modify the efreets they bring into battle with collectible card based equipment they can earn through purchase or simply by playing. Lasers, rockets, cannons, sensors, system upgrades, camo, and even pilots can be changed in between battles to find the most lethal combinations. Equipment cards come in a variety of rarity levels and feature beautifully illustrated art.

REDLINE will be free to play though players will be able to purchase packs of cards in booster “tech crates” or earn them for free through playing the game normally.


REDLINE is also set to feature the music of 80’s rock synth star Vince DiCola and his recording partner Kenny Meriedith. Vince is well known for his score on Transformers: The Movie (1986) and Rocky IV. Few things go more hand in hand than giant robots blasting away at each other set to heart pumping snyth rock!

What makes REDLINE even more impressive is the fact that the two brothers had absolute ZERO video game development experience before they began their project. Cameron, the project lead is a high school history teacher with 8 years in the classroom. His brother, Micah worked at Starbucks. Despite their lack of experience they were able to recruit a talented group of programmers and artists from around the world using internet sites like Reddit to make their vision a reality.


Developed by Phoenix, AZ based Saving Throw Studios REDLINE is set to begin it’s crowdfunding campaign June 1st on You can find out more about REDLINE at and their facebook page at

Cameron Dueker
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